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Enhancing French Skills

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Enhancing French skills is a website for intermediate learners of French. It includes authentic language videos from French websites, as well as interviews of French speakers on cultural topics. Videos and activities are organized into five broad themes and tagged by communicative language function with links into Tex’s French Grammar for specific grammar explanations and interactive exercises. Each theme includes a pdf of suggested classroom activities and homework.

Material Type: Lesson

Authors: Karen Kelton, Nancy Guilloteau

Español para hablantes nativos: Lenguaje en acción

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Este libro fue elaborado teniendo en cuenta las necesidades del estudiante de habla hispana. El contenido combina elementos gramaticales con diversos y relevantes temas del mundo de hoy. Al utilizar este libro de texto, el estudiante logrará mayores posibilidades en obtener el sello de bi-alfabetización. También desarrollará el idioma español y se sentirá motivado y seguro para tomar cursos más avanzados en la lengua. Finalmente, estará más preparado para incorporarse al entorno laboral teniendo más probabilidades de conseguir el éxito en cualquiera de las carreras donde el idioma español ya no es una opción, sino una necesidad.

Material Type: Textbook

Authors: Amalia Carter, Cecelia Monto, Joe Romero


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¡Listos! is a series of units for Heritage Spanish learners in grades 6-12. Three lessons aligned to the K12 Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) form four thematic clusters. Relevant scenarios related to personal life, college tasks, career readiness and civic participation frame each lesson and increase student engagement by making learning authentic and relevant to real issues that students face. Each lesson identifies an intermediate or advanced proficiency target that supports language acquisition in the interpersonal, interpretive and presentational modes. The project also provides teachers with a replicable approach to lesson design for adapting or creating their own materials.

Material Type: Lesson, Unit of Study

Authors: José Sologuren, Meredith Clark


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The Portuguese language lessons of ClicaBrasil highlight aspects of Brazilian culture. They are designed for intermediate to advanced students, but are accessible to everyone. Each lesson includes videos of Brazilians from all walks of life speaking naturally about their lives and their country. All lessons integrate reading, writing, listening and comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, oral communication and cultural activities with the videos. This is also available as a free PDF textbook and as print on demand.

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Assessment, Full Course, Homework/Assignment, Syllabus, Textbook

Author: Flanzer, Vivian

Introduction to Oral Proficiency Levels (Spanish)

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Free practice modules for Spanish language educators Introduction to Oral Proficiency Levels is a free open educational resource that can help Spanish teachers gain a foundational understanding of how to evaluate Spanish speakers. The resource includes 17 video-based practice modules designed to strengthen your understanding of the ACTFL Speaking Proficiency Guidelines and to help you evaluate the speaking levels of your language students.

Material Type: Module, Teaching/Learning Strategy

Author: Judith E. Liskin-Gasparro


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COERLL has partnered with Rose Potter and Betsy Arnold to publish Recorridos-Don Quijote, a pair of openly-licensed books for the study of Cervantes’ Don Quijote in upper level Spanish courses, including AP. The student workbook, accessible online for free, deepens students’ understanding of the text through reading, pre-reading, and post-reading activities and glosses. The companion teacher support facilitates the teaching of Don Quijote through student-centered strategies and activities, historical and cultural information, quizzes, exams and more.

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Assessment, Homework/Assignment, Reading, Textbook

Authors: Betsy Arnold, Rose Potter

Spanish Proficiency Training Website

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The purpose of these materials is to help future public school teachers of Spanish in their assessment of learners' levels of proficiency. These materials not only present videos of learners interacting with an interlocutor, but also direct the viewer to notice features about the learners' language and proficiency levels. The website also presents information on proficiency levels to help the viewer develop a greater awareness of differences in learner language.

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Assessment, Homework/Assignment

Author: Koike, Dale

SpinTX Video Archive

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The SpinTX video archive provides a convenient web interface to search hundreds of short video clips from the Spanish in Texas Corpus. The collection includes hundreds of video clips culled from interviews of native and heritage speakers of Spanish living in Texas. Each video is accompanied by synchronized closed captions and a transcript that has been annotated with thematic, grammatical, functional and metalinguistic information. All materials available on the site can be freely used, copied, and distributed under a Creative Commons license.

Material Type: Lesson

Authors: Almeida Jacqueline Toribio, Barbara E. Bullock

Français interactif

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Français interactif is a unique, award-winning 1st-year French curriculum used by learners all over the world. Students explore French language and culture by following the lives of real students who have participated in the UT Summer Program in Lyon, France. The online curriculum includes over 320 videos, vocabulary and phonetics audio, online grammar reference with self-correcting exercises and audio dialogues, verb conjugation and practice tools, internet activities, and a textbook of classroom exercises. Franais interactif was awarded the 2009 CALICO Esperanto Access to Language Education Award and the National Endowment for the Humanities EDSITEment Best of Humanities on the Web award (2005)

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Assessment, Full Course, Homework/Assignment, Syllabus

Authors: Blyth, Carl, Guilloteau, Nancy, Kelton, Karen

Los insectos

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The main goals of the unit are to develop basic knowledge about insects and to develop the language linked with the theme. Most of the lessons promote the use of cooperative learning strategies and the use of graphic organizers.

Material Type: Lesson Plan

Author: Mary Bartolini

Língua da Gente

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In Brazil, the term língua da gente (literally ‘language of the people’) refers to the way that people actually talk in everyday speech. And that, in essence, is the object behind this series. We hope to provide practical lessons that demonstrate how people really speak, and we do this by presenting brief, slice-of-life dialogs, which focus on some daily situation, scenario, or task that we encounter every day. Each audio podcast, generally between 8-12 minutes, includes the presentation of a brief dialog, a line-by-line English translation, and more in-depth analysis of the pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, and cultural content in the lesson. Discussion blogs also accompany each lesson, providing community interaction for comments and questions. In broad terms, the lessons are subdivided into three levels of difficulty: Beginning, Elementary, and Intermediate. Additionally we have a cultural show that covers current events and related social issues.

Material Type: Lesson

Mexico and Central America Tour

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Attention high school Spanish teachers! This is a Webquest that I created to be used as a group project in a High School Spanish I class. It is a cultural learning project spanning three weeks for classroom groups composed of four students. Within each group, each student will carry out one of four different roles/tasks in preparation for an imaginary trip that the class is going to make to Mexico and Central America. Each group will have the option of choosing to research one of the seven countries included, which can accommodate a classroom of up to 28 students under the parameters given. The nice thing about this project is that each group will give a presentation on a different country which will broaden the students' cultural knowledge of Mexico and Central America. This project is intended for high school Spanish students but could also be used for middle school. The only technology needed is a computer, projector, and an internet connection. ¡Que lo disfruten!

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Interactive

Author: David Savard