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Session 2: Academic Discussion and Quality Interactions

Session 2: Academic Discussion and Quality Interactions

Webinar 2

Session 2: Academic Discussions and Quality Interactions


Participant Agenda

Regional Educational Laboratory
Northeast & Islands

From the National Center for Education Evaluation at IES

February 23, 2021


Goal: Engaging English learners in academic discussion and quality interactions is critical to their academic success.  Educators will learn during this session the role that academic discussion plays in language acquisition and investigate practices and strategies that support planned academic discourse in the classroom and in online instruction.  


Outcomes of Session 2:

  • Clarify the important role that academic discussion plays in the acquisition of English for ELs. 
  • Begin to immerse students in a language rich environment and engage in interactive and discussion-based learning tasks with extended responses. 
  • Plan and provide opportunities for students to work together in intellectually rich and integrated learning environments around worthy and engaging inquiry questions, texts, and topics. 


Total Duration: 2:00am-3:00pm AST




Welcome, Introductions & Orientation to Webinar Series

  • Introductions
  • Login and Orientation to RingCentral


Importance of Academic Discussions

  • Defining academic discussion
  • What does the research say?

2:15 – 2:30

Facilitating Academic Discussions with English Learners

  • Quality student interactions
  • Framework for oral production

2:30 –2:45

How to Engage Students in Intellectually Rich and Robust Quality Interactions

  • Strategies for academic discussions

2:45 – 2:55

How to Engage Students in Academic Discussions Virtually?

2:55 – 3:00

Wrap Up & Next Steps

  • Upcoming webinar
  • Feedback Survey

Video: Deepening Text Analysis Through Student Talk

Ways For Students To Get More From Text Analysis Lesson (

Talk Moves

Encouraging Academic Conversations With Talk Moves - YouTube  


Webinar 2 Recording

Academic Discussion and Quality Interactions