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Common Core Curriculum Grade 4 Module 1 Overview: Becoming a Close Reader and Writing to Learn - Native Americans in New York

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This module ensures that students read, write, listen and speak to learn the history and contributions of Native Americans in New York State, particularly the Iroquois Confederacy. It focuses on reading and listening to primary and secondary sources to gather specific details and determine central ideas, and to reinforce reading fluency and paragraph writing. Students will read literature to develop an understanding of setting, characterization and theme, and informational writing.

Material Type: Lesson Plan, Teaching/Learning Strategy, Unit of Study

Graph Theory in Drama

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Students use graph theory to create social graphs for their own social networks and apply what learn to create a graph representing the social dynamics found in a dramatic text. Students then derive meaning based on what they know about the text from the graphs they created. Students learn graph theory vocabulary, as well as engineering applications of graph theory.

Material Type: Lesson Plan

Authors: Brian Sandall, Ramsey Young

Major Media Texts, Fall 2006

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Intensive close study and analysis of historically significant media "texts" that have been considered landmarks or have sustained extensive critical and scholarly discussion. Such texts may include oral epic, story cycles, plays, novels, films, opera, television drama and digital works. Emphasizes close reading from a variety of contextual and aesthetic perspectives. Syllabus varies each year, and may be organized around works that have launched new modes and genres, works that reflect upon their own media practices, or on stories that migrate from one medium to another. At least one of the assigned texts are collaboratively taught, and visiting lectures and discussions are a regular feature of the subject.

Material Type: Full Course

Author: Henderson, Diana


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"Focus on 'Henry V'" is a peer-reviewed, multimedia, digital Open Educational Resource co-authored and co-produced by faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates on the innovative digital publishing platform Scalar. Chapters include guides to early printed editions, sources, and performance and cinematic histories of the play, as well as teaching resources and in-depth case-studies of particular scenes. All chapters include rich multimedia and audio recordings of body text and image captions. In addition to a traditional Table of Contents, the digital book allows users to navigate the materials through multiple pathways and visualizations. In this way the book offers not only a cutting-edge, renewable OER for college and K-12 teachers but also a model for maximizing the affordances of the digital medium.

Material Type: Case Study, Interactive, Lesson Plan, Primary Source, Reading, Student Guide, Textbook

Authors: Charlene Cruxent, Daniel Yabut, Florence March, Hayden Benson, Janice Valls-Russell, Julia Koslowsky, Mikaela LaFave, Nathalie Vienne-Guerrin (editor), Nora Galland, Philip Gilreath, Sujata Iyengar (editor)