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OER Professional Learning Academy Resources


Introduction to OER Practices & Tools for Discovery Exploration of the what, why, and how of high-quality OER, highlighting use cases involving successful adoption and implementation of materials. Introduction to effective search strategies to identify resources that meet specific OER need areas and priorities.

OER Evaluation & Curation Discovery and customization of tools to evaluate the quality and alignment of resources. Examination of curation strategies to collaboratively identify, evaluate, organize, create, remix, and share OER to meet teaching and learning needs and priorities. 

OER Authoring & Remixing Deep dive into designing and remixing OER for continuous improvement. Get an overview of OER authoring tool and discover how to edit, describe, and publish a resource. Develop plans for future OER work, including designing and facilitating presentations and trainings, and articulating next steps for outreach and advocacy. Determination of how to best leverage OER tools and practices to continue and grow this work collaboratively throughout the islands.

Introduction to OER Practices & Tools for Discovery

Session Agenda:

  1. Connect and get to know each other

  2. Share Academy Goals, Outcomes & Expectations

  3. Open Educational Resources and Practices Overview

    • Explore the What and Why

    • Discover how Open Educational Resources and Practices can support our work, highlighting an example of collaboration, curation, design, and leadership from the state of Washington

  4. Discover how to find OER that you can use in your work

    • Browse collections in the digital library and hubs

    • Utilize search, advanced search, refine search

Session Recording:

OER Professional Learning Academy Session 1


Link to recording:


Practice & Sharing Activities:

Practice: Register and create a profile on #GoOpenUSVI

  • Join our Group

  • Use discovery tools Search / Advanced Search / Filter Results to find a resource you can use

  • Save the resource in our Group

Share a link to the resource and how you might be able to use it by replying to the discussion in our Group.

OER Quality Evaluation & Curation

Session Agenda:

  1. Share what high-quality resources look like in your work

  2. Explore evaluation tools

  1. Determine your own evaluation criteria

  2. Discover best practices for curation

  3. Explore tools and workflows for curation

    • Submit resources

    • Create folders and subfolders

    • Save resources to folders

    • Add keyword tags

Session Recording:

OER Professional Learning Academy Session 2

Link to recording:

Sharing & Practice Activities:

Share what your resource evaluation criteria is in the Group discussion


  1. Evaluate a resource in using your own criteria. Write your review as a comment on the resource

  2. Submit an open educational resource to share in the OER Commons library

  3. Create folders / subfolders in our Group and save resources you want to use and share (click +New to add a folder)

  4. Add descriptive tags and keywords to resources you curate

Bring a resource that you created and would like to publish and share in the #GoOpenUSVI library for our next session.

OER Authoring & Remixing

Session Agenda:

  1. Connect and learn from each other

  2. Explore OER Authoring examples

  3. Discover how to author and remix using the uthoring tool, Open Author

  4. Plan next steps for future OER work

Session recording;

OER Professional Learning Academy Session 3

Link to recording:

Link to slides: 


OER Authoring & Remixing Instructional Video

Free image resources (K-12 images)

Here are the additional free images that are intentionally diverse:
Heather Blicher, academic librarian, compiled a great list of photo collections that are openly licensed and DEI:

Practice & Sharing Activities:

  • Publish a resource in Open Author:

    • Click Contribute to this Group and select Open Author

    • Edit and describe your resource

    • Your draft will be automatically saved in our Group

    • Publish and share your resource by July 30

Share your next steps to grow #GoOpenUSVI in the Group Discussion.