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    #GoOpenUSVI 2021 AFT TEACH Conference

    #GoOpenUSVI 2021 AFT TEACH Conference


    This document will be used for initial training on the #GoOpenUSVI Microsite.  Educators will be able to return here as often as needed.

    2021 AFT TEACH Conference Training

    Photo by Jess Bailey on Unsplash

    #GoOpenUSVI Microsite Training October 15-18, 2021

    Congratulations to AFT Local 1825 and Local 1826.  Much success for the 2021 conference as we embrace Open Educational Resources (OERs) for our Virgin Islands Educators.  What are OERs you ask?  Let’s look at this video to get an idea.  Why OERs?


    Let us begin by creating your accounts:

    Creating an account on #GoOpenUSVI

    Go to:

    Step 1: Select Sign In/Register in the top right corner of the page. On the Create an account side of the page, select Register. Enter your your email address. Look for the activation email in your email account, and click the link in that email. Check your Spam or Junk folders for the activation email.

    Step 2: Log in to your new account. After you create and activate your new account, select Sign In/Register and then enter your email address and the password that you entered when you created your account. Then select Sign In.  If you are having trouble logging in on the screen below, please use Forgot password to reset your password.

    See direct link to create an account below:

    Now that you have a registered account, let us navigate the Microsite

    You have two options here: Follow along with me on my screen as I navigate the site; or you can navigate on your own screen.

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    Curriculum Connection

      • Our COER - Curriculum meets Open Educational Resources!  #GoOpenUSVI houses standards, curriculum, and related resources.  The Microsite is dedicated to providing educational resources aligned to standards that support the curriculum.  Let's take a look here here
      • Virgin Islands Standards of Achievement (VISA).  VIDE is actively reviewing national academic standards which involves updating, revising, and "virgin islandizing" the standards to transition them to VISA. ELA example. For a snapshot of the standards click here

      Explore VIDE Training Group:

      Coming Soon

      Time to Explore

      Thanks for your time and participation!! In our Group, click on Discussion and respond to the question to reflect on the  training opportunity presented today.